Why  Rent / Buy  from us?

We take great care looking after the needs of our International clients, all details provided are treated with strict confidence, we use no mail shots, neither do we pass on any information to third parties or use "Cookies".

We at OceanView properties have been Buying / Selling / Renting in North Cyprus for over 15 years, our family business  treat our clients as friends, always ready to advise and help, from viewing properties, legalities,  contracts, building inspections, snagging lists, furnishing, moving in, paying bills, maintenance and renting when required.

All Estate agents work either for the developer or seller, once they have taken your deposit, the agent is normally paid their commission, it is at this point, their interest in the purchaser (you) ceases.

We differ from "Estate agents",  we work, help, assist all our clients, ( ie you, the purchaser / renter ) not the seller / developer.

Why not contact us now to see how we can assist you?