The Karpaz peninsula, commonly called the pan handle by tourists, is in the north east of North Cyprus and is a beautifully isolated region of the country. With miles of flawless sandy beaches stretching on either side of the peninsula, Karpaz truly is one of the best untouched locations in all of Cyprus. Because of the distance from any major town or city, Karpaz has remained exactly how nature intended and there are rarely as many tourists on the beaches as you would see anywhere else. It’s not uncommon to find yourself on a sandy cove completely alone! Loved by turtles, birds and reptiles alike, the Karpaz region has wildlife in abundance, as well as the iconic donkeys that have been liberated and wander around making the entire area seem even more fantastic. Because of the size of North Cyprus as a whole, it’s fairly reasonable to cross the length of the peninsula and back in less than a few hours, which makes this the perfect place to spend many days searching through ancient ruins and playing in the soft golden sand and splashing in the cerulean waves.

There is simply no where better in the world to spend among the sun, sea and sand, and because of the quiet. 

the Karpaz ( pan handle )